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Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

"You're Making Me Hot" We were on a private residential investigation in Gray, Tn. When we captured this older sounding male, making us aware of how he really feels.



In one of our more heavy feeling hunts we captured this gem saying "This will get you"



"WAYNE" We are not sure if this was a first name or a last name but as far as Class A EVPS go?We are very sure of the name he says! ETSU lives up to its legends!



We were investigating an old theater that was previously a church and found what seems to be a former member of that old church who says "My church you got"



At the same theater as before we captured what sounds like the claims of a former actress who still lingers in the building and says "So how you doin' shuga ?"



Stacey got the feeling she was pulled and then captured this male saying "I pulled you"



Recent investigation, old favorite building, a female says "I'm Isis"



This is very long for an EVP. Stacey was doing an EVP session at the old theater when what sounds like a child says "Hey Stacey, Help Me, I'm right here" incredible!



At a very old Kingsport TN downtown building we had confronted some of more active ghosts and this EVP is incredible. At the 10 second mark you will hear "help me" and keep your ears open after that for "magical power, like he's *expletive* God"



John just had a relapse into the pro wrestling days and cut an interview on an oppressive unseen force as we captured "Bring Him Pain"



Pat and John at a movie theater investigation, walk out of a room alone and enter into something that just feels wrong. They both start to comment on it at the same time when this is caught explaining the deal "Walkin' with it"



This one is just one of those creepy ones! "They hopped on your back" and yes, there is a story with this one but we will wait for the book!



And in case your wondering if this is over yet?.So does this spirit who asks "Is this over yet?"


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