The Haunting of Graham Mansion

Join us as the Haunted South Team takes on the Graham Mansion's haunted history. In 2007, local paranormal investigator teams began performing formal investigations at the mansion. Over the course of four years, these paranormal groups have collected hundreds of EVPs (i.e., electronic voice phenomena), several video recordings of apparitions, photographs, and reported paranormal experiences at the mansion and surrounding property. Several investigators report that they believe they have communicated with the dominant spirits of Martha Peirce Graham, Squire David Graham, Judge Fulton (husband of Friel Graham), "Clara" a Civil War orphan tutored by Bettie and Emily Graham and secretly housed in their bedroom for several years, a slave boy and his mother, and various soldiers. In addition, we have collected ghost stories and anecdotal reports from the community and guest clairvoyants. Is the mansion haunted? Watch and decide...for yourself.

Originial Release Date - 09/23/2011
Shot at Graham Mansion, Max Meadows, Va
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