Upcoming Events

July 29th, 2011

This past Monday night we returned after 2 long weeks away with a stellar edition of the Haunted South Paranormal Podcast! Our guest was Deborah Perkins from USA Paranormal Radio (always a pleasure!). The great guys at Elixir Media (Wes & crew) have been working around the clock on final stages of completion for the Major Graham Mansion documentary release. We wanted the perfect showcase of what we believe to be a perfect story. The documentary will be available on our site. Speaking of our site, we are going to be launching the brand new Haunted South TV site before long as well. The members will all be making contributions to the content making for a unique paranormal learning experience.


I want to apologize for the delay on delivering some of this awesome content that we have upcoming. Sometimes life edges its way into our passions. There is nothing I want to do more than investigate, learn, study, and teach the paranormal. I am concentrating on my book and, because of many requests; it will have much more than just my lifetime of paranormal events, theories, and conclusions. I am also including some chapters on the road to this point in my life. I have seen so much (more than maybe I should have seen) in my 37 years. I have been on TV in several states as a pro wrestling talent, I have been behind the scenes developing young talent, I have sparked ideas that have been featured around the world, I have written songs and poems as long as I have been able to hold a pencil, I formed a band, recorded CD’s, and been lucky enough to sing my songs in clubs, I have travelled the country, lived in 5 states, worked in 9 states, been a suit wearing business professional, almost died a few times, been a father of 6 children, experienced time loss as a child with vivid memories of strange encounters, discovered psychic gifts that feel more like a curse, joined, quit, and formed again some interesting paranormal teams until finally finding the Haunted South family, and been to hell and back with what I truly believe to be my actual soul mate…. I know absolutely everyone has a life story and I truly believe that anyone’s life would be a spectacular read.. It’s what makes us humans so remarkable and beautiful. I just want to share what I believe to be, at the very least, an extremely interesting look inside of my eccentric life.


Some of the projects we have upcoming for the Haunted South are as follows,
• Major Graham Mansion Documentary release (August 2011)
• The Haunted Theatre Documentary release (October 2011)
• The Haunted Hospital Documentary release (TBA)
• The New Haunted South Website launch (August 2011)
• The Haunted South iphone/ipod/ipad App launch (August 2011)
• Live events (TBA)
• John’s Haunted South book (Early 2012)
• Haunted South Paranormal Classes (Kingsport, TN) (Early 2012)

Searching For Answers

June 14th, 2011

I have always been one of the people who seem to “rock the boat”. I have questioned everything from why dinosaurs weren’t a huge part of the Bible when I was a child to 9/11 not adding up as an adult. When you take a step back and look at things it’s rarely as black & white as mainstream media makes everything out to be. When I was a kid, my mom had a UFO encounter that included a loss of time while holding me in her arms. My family had numerous sightings of a full body apparition at the home my father grew up in. A cousin of mine who went AWOL from the military, after working in high security installations, claimed to have proof of our government having knowledge of aliens. In short, the paranormal, conspiracy, and strange phenomena have always played a giant part on my life.

After having my shared paranormal extreme experience with my then girlfriend and now soul mate and beautiful wife, Stacey, my views, ideas, and questions only skyrocketed. It’s easy to watch t.v. shows dealing with the subjects of Ghosts or Aliens and digesting it as entertainment. That is, until the day that you yourself has an experience or an encounter. No matter how “scary” or realistic a portrayal of somebodies paranormal event may be, it’s not “Real” until it happens to you! After you have had some sort of experience then an episode of Ghost Adventures will be an entirely different ball game to you. Stacey and I will carry the events that happened to us from 1997-1999 with us for the remainder of our lives. It’s used as fuel, desire, and motivation for the pursuit of answers to our questions.

I have learned so much from my years in the paranormal field and had the privilege of witnessing and interacting with some serious phenomena. When you make this pursuit your life then the veil quickly becomes much thinner between the world you know and the world of the unknown. I have been targeted by countless psychics as being a beacon of light, or sensitive, to the point that they have often came right up to me in public and pointed it out. I hear things on investigations that nobody else hears until later evidence review sessions. Personally, I believe that we are all able to feel these things and, much like a sport or any profession, you become stronger and better at it as you go along.

I have been passionate about many things throughout my life. I was a songwriter and a singer in my own band at one time, a professional wrestler/ entertainer for many years, a store manager all over the east coast of the United States, and even a damn good interview and interrogation loss prevention professional. But, there is nothing that compares to the passion I feel for the uncovering of the truth and answering the burning questions in relation to the paranormal. I am lucky enough to be able to look for these answers with my ultimate passion, my wife, Stacey. Her views and theories on the paranormal are so impressive. She is the most intelligent person I’ve ever met and is probably the reason I love her so much (other than the fact she has given me the 6 greatest kids in the universe).

I truly don’t believe in chance or coincidence. Everything has a reason for happening. Even some traumatic and horrific events that have transpired in my life have always ended up teaching me a lesson or changing my life and relationships for the better. I don’t understand how it works but have learned to go with it as the years keep going by. I would be lost without her being by my side and without hearing my youngest daughter begging us to watch a ghost show every night. If nothing else, we have created the next generation of truth seekers for the world to deal with soon!

Demons, Angels, Poltergeists, Bigfoot, Aliens, Ufo’s, Men In Black, banshee, Fairies, Astral Critters, The Psychic Realm, Alternate Dimensions, Time Prompt phenomena, Time travel, Government cover ups, etc etc.. There is never a lack of questions out there. There is never a lack of opinions or theories; there is never a lack of people who strive to find that one clue or piece of evidence that will connect the secrets of the universe. I don’t consider myself unique or special in my pursuit. I do however consider myself blessed to have Stacey, Tim, Wes, Connie, Ashleigh, and hundreds of friends to join me for the ride.

The Haunted South will continue to explore these questions with our documentaries, investigations, blogs, podcasts and so on. My only hope is that every so often I may inspire a spark in someone to ask their own questions. So long from the Haunted South.

May 16th Updates

May 16th, 2011

It’s been way too long since I’ve had time to post a blog! It’s been a very crazy and hectic time for the Haunted South crew. We have tons of happenings, and the biggest one is, on Wednesday May 25, 26, 2011 we will be doing a lock down at the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital for an episode of Haunted South TV!! During the investigation, you can log into hauntedsouthtv.com and follow us on 9 Live cameras throughout the duration of the event!! If you happen to see something then just send us a tweet @beyondteam and let us know!! Ashleigh will be keeping up with the tweets and making sure we follow up on every lead. Tommy Golden will be our guest tonight and Cindy from the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital will be our guest on the Haunted South paranormal podcast on Monday May 23rd to get everybody ready for the crazy week!!

Along with the OSPH investigation will be the release of the Major Graham Mansion episode of Haunted South TV!! If you live in the Tri-Cities area of TN/VA then , be on the lookout for air times locally as we will be debuting a new episode the last Saturday of every month! On the web, you will also have a chance to see the new episodes if you are a member of HauntedSouthTV.com community. We have a few episodes that are ready to roll and some that we are about to film that will blow everyone away! So, as a recap, you can expect to see numerous new episodes, Live events, merchandise, and continued weekly installments of Haunted South Paranormal Podcast!!! We are also in the final stages of inking a deal with an internet network to air our Haunted South TV episodes!

If you know about me, then you are probably aware of my former involvement with Professional Wrestling. I was content with only pursuing the adventures in my long time love affair with paranormal research..That was until some old friends dialed me up. It seems some people have been up to no good on the old wrestling circuit and so..John Edwards is going to have to return to NWA Smokey Mountain Wrestling on Saturday Night May 21st at the famed Kingsport Civic Auditorium and set th record straight on a few subjects. The truth is what I tell best and its time the fans in Kingsport hear a load of it (The truth that is) . Look them up on the web and you can see me in all my wrestling glory. If you look for old dvds of me, my wrestling alias was John Hawkins (Long story)

Thanks to all of our friends out there for your patience and support. We hope to be bringing you incredible content from the Haunted South for many years to come! Thanks

Join The Uprising

March 26th, 2011

Funny thing that I am starting to write this blog at 3:33am (swear I didn’t plan it)..But, speaking of plans, the plans for Haunted South are HUGE! I have been contacting various locations for shooting of the TV and we are going to working triple time to get 8 episodes out by the end of August. We have secured two stations to be seen in 4 states. They will be airing by this summer! And, of course, we will be shopping our show to as many “big” networks that we can. We know that we have something special with the sick amount of evidence we collect on every single investigation. We just want to the public to see what we do.

I want to thank our friends from the upper East Tennessee community theater circuit for their continued support and help. I can’t stress enough how big of a part they have all played in the Haunted South. We just filmed an episode last weekend at one of their haunted locations. The evidence we have so far collected has made it concrete that it will be an episode. No matter where you are…go out and support your local theater groups. We, as a team, are huge fans of all the arts. Speaking of which, go buy all the Muse albums on iTunes! Stacey and I are now addicted to them. Every so often, my wife and best friend, Stacey, find a band that speaks to us and Muse takes the cake. The lyrics reflect many of our thoughts.

Bigfoot sighting in Shelby, NC has seemed to garner some national attention this past week. I’m sure Stacey will be all over this one on Monday night’s show. I have it on good authority that she has already cried foul on this one. Our kids friends always love staying at our house because of things like the discussions of a bigfoot sightings legitimacy or similarities’ in recent UFO sightings ha-ha… It is never boring to be part of the Edwards clan. The hard thing for us is we would really like to add some conspiracy theories to the show but it hardy can be considered paranormal. Oh well, maybe a spinoff will happen one day.

Stacey, Ashleigh, and I made an appearance at a local high school on Friday afternoon for our good friend Rachel Helvey who teaches at the school. We spoke with her freshman class about Paranormal Investigating. Touching on the how to, the dangers, the scientific approach, our best cases, and they even got to see an old wrestling match of mine that found its way into our video part of the presentation! They quickly changed gears from the possibility of life after death to whether or not Mr. Edwards was really punching that guy or if it was fake. The answer, by the way, was yes….wrestling is fake but I was really punching  I have to say that it felt great to speak to those young minds. I only hope that it maybe created a spark in the imagination of a few of them.

Next week I will be giving this blog an exclusive bit of information on some of the sites where Haunted South will be filming over the next couple of months. We will also be having many live events and attending several conventions. Please remember to hit our facebook (facebook.com/hauntedsouth) our twitter (@beyondteam) and make a profile and join our community ( Hauntedsouthtv.com) ..You can also search us on iTunes and subscribe to our podcast or listen live every Monday night from 9-11pm est !! So long for now from the Haunted South!

Time To Reload

March 6th, 2011

Well, I think it is about time to get things back on schedule! I want to apologize to all of our friends and supporters for the long delays in Haunted South happenings. Tim has been out of state for the majority of the past couple of months, Stacey and I have been trying to close on a new house, Connie has been studying Vampire and Werewolf love affairs, Ashleigh has been doing research on “random wars”, and Wes has been out of the freaking country! So yes, there has been delays. We are having a production meeting on Monday and then spending countless hours finishing up the MGM documentary next week.

Also on the back burner of late has been the meat and potatoes of our organization, and that is investigations themselves! In our defense, it has been severly frigid until recently. We plan on 30 investigations per year with 8 documented professionally. We will be gearing up for a big hunt next weekend to begin our ghost season. In the next 3 weeks, I will be booking all of our known travels for this year and great locations. If anybody who is reading this has a place you would like us to come and investigate… just shoot me an email john@hauntedsouthtv.com

The Haunted South Paranormal Podcast has been a huge success! We want to thank everybody who has tuned in live, signed up for the community, or downloaded us on iTUNES! In about 4 months time, we have put some awesome shows under our belts with great guests like Marie Jones, Michael Esposito, Chris Dedman, James and Kelly Collins, and Serena Gordon to just name a few. We have now decided on a new PERMANENT night being every Monday night!! And we will be going LIVE from 9pm-11pm!! So YES! 2 Hours every week!

Sometimes we can forget too easy just what we do this for. It’s loads of fun gearing up and going on an investigation with your friends, exploring a creepy old building that you otherwise would never be caught dead in (pardon the pun), and sharing all the incredible evidence. But last night I was reminded just exactly why I do this. I was shopping in my local grocery store and a conversation started between me and some of the cashiers about Haunted South. They were for the most part just saying how cool it was etc etc.. But, there was one young girl who didn’t look amused at all. She said with a cold expression on her face that had just lost all of it’s color “My house is haunted”. I am trained to notice lies and this was a very honest statement that was wrapped in fear. She went on to explain that she has been slapped in the face by an unseen entity and that her mother doesn’t believe her. It fired me up to say the least. We do this to help people like that teenage girl. People who don’t understand and have no desire of confronting this phenomena head on.

That about does it for this week. I hope all of you join us this Monday night at 9pm est Live at hauntedsouthtv.com So long from the haunted south!

Podcast for the paranormal people!

February 17th, 2011

I have been investigating homes and businesses with alleged paranormal activity for many years. And in all of these investigations, not once have I encountered a place where the spirit requests to only speak with an investigator who has a hit television show or a best-selling paranormal book. I love all these shows, books, magazines, and podcasts just as much as the next guy. But, it doesn’t mean that said investigator is any better than Jim Bob Joe Willy from CRAP Paranormal in Buck snort, TN. !! There is a “Waverly Hills” type building standing vacant in every single state, there are “Myrtle’s Plantation’s” throughout the south, and whether you’re looking for poltergeist or residual battlefield type activity… You can find it anywhere and everywhere.

There is also some simply incredible investigators with ground breaking theories and stories everywhere. This field is made up of nothing but thought, theory, and opinions. I am in no way, shape, or form trying to take anything away from the big dogs, but, just trying to point out that every long time investigator could totally tell you a million awesome stories about his or her adventures. Like me, most of these people were drawn in to the field from a personal experience. I always try and take the time to listen to any story that anyone has to offer me (And I hear tons) from a bag boy who knows me from the local show to a home owner with years of living with a haunting. When you stop listening then it may be time to stop doing it.

When we started this team, we had goals to do something with many teams from across the country. To share information, tips, and locations of strong activity for research. Also by having a good network of friends.. You can most always find help for a client in need. Since this version of the team has started, we have been a bit side tracked at times by the TV show and weekly live Podcast. But, we are now in a position to hear your stories and bring them to a large audience! And that is exactly what we intend on doing starting this coming Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on our podcast!

We are looking for anyone and I mean anyone with stories ranging from Ghosts, Demons, Fairies, Bigfoot, Alien Abductions, etc.. Because, the stories I want to hear and the people I want to talk to are the people like myself… The people who have been there and done that. If you are one of these people then please contact me at John@hauntedsouthtv.com !! Also, we will come at you live for 2 hours starting this wed night!! So, prepare yourselves for some down home paranormal education and fun!! Thanks guys and so long from the Haunted South!

Quick Updates

February 2nd, 2011

Its Wednesday afternoon and I’m getting ready for tonight’s guest on the Haunted South Paranormal Podcast, Marie D. Jones, who is an incredible author on a variety of paranormal topics will be joining us . I have been reading her 11:11 time prompt phenomena book she wrote with Larry Flaxman. It is a fascinating look at synchronicity and how maybe things are less of coincidence than we may think. I have some questions for Marie that may surprise some of our listeners because of some of my own issues with numbers in my life. I hope that all of you will be tuning in tonight or download the episode on iTUNES.

Our podcast has really taken a life all its own and I have been receiving messages of support from around the country from people really loving what we do. It means more than you guys will ever know because we really put our heart and soul into all of the Haunted South programs. If you do like the show then please subscribe to the show on iTunes and tell a friend. We will continue to bring weekly installments and super guests. I look at the podcast as a companion to the tv show and really together, as a package, they tell the complete haunted south story.

We are currently finishing up evidence review and editing for the Major Graham Mansion episode of Haunted South TV! This is “the” episode that will define who we are as a team. We will be hand delivering it to some very big places in hopes of being looked at. The episode itself is incredible from the history and the breath taking visuals to more importantly… the evidence( Which is off the charts). We had hoped for an early February release date but, it will be mid-February before its ready for airing. If you haven’t signed up for email alerts on HauntedSouthTV.com, go and do it and we will be able to let you know how to see it and where.

I have been pretty stressed of late with personal issues and want to apologize for any lack of updates or news. We have some very exciting things upcoming from the Haunted South and you guys will be in for some treats. Later this week I will be posting another Blog that will be more scientific in nature concerning evidence and theories we have on the paranormal. I hope everybody is having a great 2011 thus far and thank you, once again, for your continued support. So long, for now, from the Haunted South.

Full Moon Fever

January 19th, 2011

Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors… Beware of the moon lads. That is from one of my favorite all time films, 1981’s An American Werewolf in London, and seems fitting as I sit here at my desk writing this blog on a full moon’s night. I am preparing the material for tonight’s Haunted South paranormal podcast and really feeling in the spooky mood. We have already had some incredible episodes and tonight’s is no different as we welcome Christopher Dedman to the show. He is joining us live and on location of a TV shooting for a celebrity paranormal lockdown show. Chris is a very busy guy these days and we have been trying to align our schedules for weeks. If you’re reading this after the fact, never fear, you can watch or listen to the archived version available for free at iTunes, our hauntedsouthtv.com page , or even our iPhone app titled Haunted South.

After some lengthy discussions, we decided against speaking out concerning certain paranormal teams who are using their platform of having a radio show to bash other teams or paranormal community figures for making a profit at what they are doing. We intend on keeping our promise of travelling the high road and will continue to do so. I do think it is unfortunate that so much drama is always burning up the message boards about who is better or worse. It seems very middle school to us and so…we will refrain from voicing an opinion other than we wish every team the very best and hope they can all thrive and continue to grow as investigators. Maybe someday others will decide to travel the same road and avoid the ulcer inducing bashing of what others are doing and instead focus on the people they see in the mirror.

In two weeks we will be welcoming author Marie D. Jones to the podcast and I’m pretty excited about having her on. I have recently purchased two of her books (11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon, and The Deja-Vu Enigma) and can’t wait to read them. I really wanted her on to discuss some things that I have experienced and she is an expert on. We have been trying to have guests that are thought provoking and well respected within the paranormal field. Its pretty cool to entertain you guys and at the same time learn some stuff ourselves.

In a couple of days we return to filming for Haunted South TV! We are actually finishing episode 3 this Saturday and will be doing a place where we have captured some of our very best evidence. As with most of our locations, nobody else has ever filmed or investigated it. The next 6 months will be filled to the max with new TV episodes, Continuing podcast, the APP, appearances at para-cons, and the release of our first book about our experiences so far. We have all been working our tails off on these projects and hope that you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoy doing it.

Next week join Stacey and I as we will be guests on “The Awakening Psychics” radio show hosted by Kelly & James Collins as well as our buddy Serena Gordon. It will be Tuesday night from 8pm to 10pm and can be seen on www.paranormaltvnetwork.com and hit the channel “Awakenings” We are very excited about being on the show! The Serena Gordon episode of Haunted South TV will be debuting Feb. 5th (MGM). That’s it for this week and now I’m off to do our show. Remember to always bring extra batteries and so long for now from the Haunted South!


A Cold Night In The Haunted South

January 9th, 2011

     Ok, I’m ready for summer to arrive and with it, those wonderful afternoons lying beside the pool and day dreaming the afternoon away…. Instead, I’m sitting near my bedroom window and feeling the cold energy of a 20 degree night!! So, I am spending the “roaring lion’s” share of tonight to do research (local ghost lore books) and writing on our soon to be completed first book. I also have a couple of announcements as well as some thought sand opinions (as always) about some paranormal television shows and some of my favorite paranormal books. The only good thing about a night like tonight would be the fact that its great weather to read a book, write, catch up on some movies, or yes…read a blog!

       As many of you who listen to our weekly podcast have already heard, our new iPhone, iPad APP is finished and soon will be released to the public. The hold up is a simple one and yet a major one all at the same time. The cover art poster of the team (in the creepy ally) needs updating. When that is finished (very soon) then it will be released for purchase. Also, there is now a hard date on the Major Graham Mansion episode of Haunted South TV for February 5th!! If you enjoyed the Kingsport Grocery documentary then you will flip out over the Graham mansion installment.        

       I have yet to watch the latest Ghost Adventures episode featuring the “Hollywood Ghost Hunters” but I was a little shocked at the teaser. They showed Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th fame as one of the better known “Jasons”) and company and mentioned “25 years experience hunting ghosts”. Not to take anything away from the guys but, I know that Kane hasn’t been hunting ghosts for anytime at all really. One of my favorite night’s ever in the paranormal field was Waverly Hills in 2008 with Kane. The story goes like this.. Our team (including the Clarks and I) had just pulled into the parking lot of Waverly Hills. Tina (who we think is great) pulled up on a golf cart and asked Tim if this guy could tag along with us tonight because he really wants to go on a real ghost hunt. Tim asked who the guy was and Tina responded “He played Jason in Friday the 13th” I spoke up instantly and excitedly said “Kane Hodder?!” Well, it was Kane and he was ultra cool. He posed with the lot of us and stayed with Tim and I on the investigation. There is a point on the 4th floor where I’m holding the camcorder and taping Kane as he walks down the hallway all the while I’m going “chi chi chi ha ha ha ha” in the audio lol. He had a few experiences or was at least there when we did that night. So, I think it’s awesome that he is doing more in the field now. Just thought I’d share a favorite moment of mine with you guys.

         Last night I was talking with Wes and we have decided on a location to shoot at within the next two weeks. If we do get the location then it will be hands down the best thing we have done for a documentary to date. There is still some loose ends on some locations that we have recorded already and hopefully will be releasing them soon as well or as extras to a DVD release. After leading our beyond team on more then 30 investigation in 2010 and a number of personal appearances… The past month has been all about getting the podcast up and running. I think we are all jonesing for some field work! And by field work I mean indoors field work with climate control! We all about died on the last hunt where there was no heat and partly outdoors!
          I do a ton of reading on everything from paranormal case files to demonic attacks and even some psychic awareness and exercises books. It’s a necessary deal when you are an active member and researcher in a certain field to study the works of those who blazed the way for us and even peers. The paranormal field is ever changing and so are the theories and procedures. I was recently asked what some of my favorites are and I thought I would just put it here in blog. I really love any of the stories of Ed and Lorraine Warren such as “The Demonologist”. Another favorite of mine is Hans Holzer just because of the staggering amount of information he put into the books. The encyclopedias by Rosemary Ellen Guilley are superb for the novice or the seasoned vet. And one of my all time favorite personal accounts is my Steven LaChance and titled “The Uninvited” .. It’s one that really needs to be a two hour Hollywood movie. If you like stories about demonic attackers and complete with the creepy landlord who talks cryptically about “Do you understand the responsibility that comes with living in an old house such as this?”…then you will absolutely love this book!
            Until next week I hope all of you can try and stay warm! There will be a special haunted south podcast coming up on a Thursday night (details coming soon) and as always … Always pack extra batteries and so long for now from the bitter cold and very Haunted South!

Reflections Of 2010

December 28th, 2010

       I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas! Stacey and I were very blessed this Christmas.. Not as much from gifts, but instead , from having the most stress free, loving, and fun Christmas with every side of our family that we can ever remember. This past year has been one of change. From everything concerning the beyond paranormal team and haunted south all the way to, and more importantly, personal matters in my life for the better. I will honestly always look back on 2010 with a smile and there are not many years I can remember that I would say that about.

     With the approaching New Year we would like to reflect on this past year and some of the more exciting moments. So, the following words are from the team itself. After you read what the rest of the team took out of 2010, I will give my thoughts on this life changing year and give some information on a few of the very exciting plans we have for 2011!

Tim Clark: Connie Clark: Our Family expanded, began Beyond Paranormal, did several really cool investigations, had our team represented at Scarefest this year, brought a lot of new friends into our paranormal community and team, and started our Haunted South TV show and Podcast. In short it has been an exciting year. Can’t wait to see what is in store for us in 2011.

Ashleigh Clark: This year has been the most eventful and fast paced year of my paranormal career. Our team has been extremely active from filming episodes of Haunted South TV and the podcasts to working on new gadgets and apps. We’ve been to some awesome places and come out with amazing evidence. We’ve gone through a few changes in the team, but we’ve got a great group now.  Each one of us brings a unique talent to the team, and we work together as a family. 2010 has been very exciting, and I can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!

Frannie Miller: I don’t believe in sheer coincidence– and so the unlikely chain of events that brought my path and the path of what would become the “Beyond Paranormal” team is remarkable. Since I teach a Senior research class at ETSU and other courses which involve choosing topics, I had always hoped that one of my students would decide to research the paranormal because of an experience I had in 1985.  After tossing out the idea to hundreds of students, I finally had one agree, and this student contacted John Edwards about investigating a building on the ETSU campus.  It took almost an “Act of Congress” to finally gain permission to investigate Gilbreath Hall, and that is where I met John, Stacey, Tim, Connie and Ashleigh for the first time.  I was so impressed with the professionalism, equipment, and knowledge that they had, and that night of investigation was a highlight of my life experiences.  I heard, saw and felt things that night, and then heard remarkable EVP evidence to solidify our impressions.  I learned so much that night about investigative techniques, and the unique combination of personalities that create a successful investigative team.


A few weeks later, I had the honor of investigating an old theatre with the Beyond Paranormal team, and what we uncovered in that and a follow-up investigation was enough to blow me away!! I also went with them to investigate The Bank and Bennett and Edwards in Kingsport, and all I can say is that seeing (and hearing) is believing!!  Since then, I have been in several other buildings with the Haunted South team, and not all of these places are “friendly”!  While there are times when I could feel that presence, I have never been afraid when I’m with this remarkable group of people. Its not like what is shown on TV!  We are in complete darkness, (not what it looks like on night vision cameras!) but I have complete confidence in the skills and knowledge of the Haunted South team, that I have been able to learn and grow as an investigative “trainee”.  The Team’s journey to where they are now is not at all surprising to me, because they have what it takes– the focus, the determination and the drive and the ability to operate on no sleep!!!!  If you have never been a part of a paranormal investigation, you need to know it takes enormous energy, planning, technical skill, and excellent communication in all forms between the team members.  Combine that with filming and promoting, the hours of evidence review required after and investigation, and doing a weekly podcast, maintaining the website, and, oh yes, working other jobs– the Haunted South team are superheroes in my book, and I feel privileged and honored to not just know them, but to have had the chance to work with them. 2010 was a fantastic year as I watched my new friends begin to soar!  Here’s to 2011– full of promise, hard work and flying high!!!!

Stacey Edwards: Looking back at 2010 I notice that I experienced many “firsts”. The first time I investigated Waverly Hills, the first time I co-founded my own paranormal team, the first time I was on a television show, the first time I went to Scare fest, and the first time I co-hosted a radio show. It is amazing to think back to all of the new friends I have made this year. It is probably more appropriate to say that 2010 was not only a year of “firsts”, but also of new beginnings, and lasting memories. I am lucky enough to have shared all of these memories with my wonderful, loving husband, John, who is truly the creative force behind the scenes, and our close friends Tim, Connie, and Ashleigh without whom, this ride would not be nearly as much fun.

   It would be impossible for me to write down all of my thoughts about the events of 2010. I really enjoyed reading the thoughts of the Clarks. Without them, Beyond Paranormal, would never have come to be. I had been on teams and even led teams before but they managed the team prior to BPT and it was very successful. I had a vision of bigger things and knew I already had a knack for investigating with them and gaining some of the best evidence that had ever been captured, or at the very least, that I have ever seen. We have never had any issues or any talking behind each other’s backs. Many of the things that had destroyed other “teams” I had been on. As I have stated before…They are our (mine and Stacey’s) family and we also kick major ass together!

     I can’t say this has been a year of as many “firsts” as my beautiful wife, but, it has been incredible. Through the years I have travelled the east coast in a corporate position opening stores, being a sales manager, selling cars, kicking thieves butt’s in loss prevention, being a local and regional television personality in pro wrestling, writing my own songs and having the opportunity to be the lead singer of my own band, and for years being a paranormal investigator. But, my first of 2010 was quitting being all about myself and instead taking the steps necessary to be a better husband, father, and man. The entire “Beyond Paranormal Team” was an idea of Stacey and I together. Every idea and event has been shared with Stacey and my friends on this team.

    I asked Frannie Miller to give me her thoughts because she was a driving force behind much of our success this past year. She has determination and know how that it takes to get things done. I would like to think that in 2011 that she will be a permanent fixture within our team. Serena Gordon is another new friend who also has helped us out an incredible amount the past few months. I would look for Serena to be included on as much as I can get her on in the upcoming year. Her psychic gifts are amazing and have really helped me with coping and understanding some of my own “sensitivity” issues. There is another “driving force” and that would be Wes Leonard. He is another whose drive is a major factor behind all you see and hear from the Haunted South TV team. Wes and I have forged a great working relationship and friendship. My idea and his ideas seem to eventually meet somewhere and wind up looking pretty darn spectacular.

   2011 will be the year of Haunted South TV. With the podcasts, new episodes, marquee investigations, iphone APP, and live events… We plan on working many all nighters in order to bring you guys some of the most exciting  paranormal entertainment that we possibly can. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the support and for spreading the word. Happy New Year from the Haunted South!