About the Haunted South Team

John Edwards

John Edwards- Co Founder/Lead Investigator

John is a Tennessee native. He was a general manager for years at everything from retail stores to collections businesses. Was a corporate level assistant director of loss prevention for a grocery chain. Holds a certification in advanced Wicklander interview and interrogation. Former singer for the band DeadLeveL. Was a Professional Wrestler for many years. As the character John Hawkins led the heel group known as JHP for five years on CWA wrestling television and was widely regarded as one of the best interviews around. Got married to Stacey in December of 1998 and they have six children ranging in age from 3 to 17. Shared first paranormal experience with Stacey in 1997 and together they have been searching for answers since that day. John has been on nearly 100 full team affiliated paranormal investigations over the years and seems to be paranormal magnet for activity. Specializes in audio evidence review and if there is an E.V.P. to be found then he will find it every time.
Stacey Edwards

Stacey Edwards- Co Founder/ Lead Investigator

Stacey was born in Bermuda. She holds a degree in accounting. Has been a supervisor/manager at many banks and food service locations. Has been a tutor in many areas of mathematics on a collegiate level and to this day always enjoys a good problem to solve. Stacey comes from a very strict and religious childhood and has a deep knowledge of religion. Has always been involved in various charities and community related events. Married John in December 1998 and together they have six children ranging in age from 3 to 17 years old. Shared first paranormal experience with John in 1997 and together they have been searching for answers since that day. Although Stacey has first hand experienced the most sensational of paranormal activity, she brings a very skeptical and fact based nature to the team.
Tim Clark

Tim Clark- Tech Manager

Tim was born in North Carolina. He has a degree from MIT in 1987. He has nearly 30 years in working with electronics from board repairs all the way up. He is a regional manager. He is a certified gunsmith. Tim can fix pretty much anything and invents or modifys new equipment for paranormal investigations all the time. Specializes in video review and has captured some of the most electrifying footage the team has ever found. Married Connie in 1985 and have one daughter (Ashleigh) who is also an investigator for the team. Tim was the President for a local Paranormal team in East Tennessee before resigning to concentrate more on the investigating and inventing side with the Beyond team. TimÕs interest in the paranormal began as a child when he lived in a haunted house.
Connie Clark

Connie Bias Clark- Investigator/Archivist

Connie was born in Akron, Ohio on October 31st. During her school years she was a tutor, worked with school counselors and participated in the chorus, school orchestra and the city wide orchestra. During her high school years she moved to Roanoke Rapids, NC. She Tutored First and second grade math and reading. While at Halifax Community College, she tutored classmates in accounting and received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree. Attended East Carolina University and on September 8, 1985 she married Tim Clark and moved to Kingsport, TN. She has one daughter Ashleigh. Once Ashleigh started school Connie became a volunteer for the resource class. A year later she took a position as a Pre-School teaching assistant, after going back to school and completing her Child Development Associates she took a position as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher. She also attended East Tennessee University to become a mentor and her class a clinical site for the Early Childhood Development program. With ConnieÕs background, she brings another valuable aspect to the investigations side of the paranormal team. She is capable of getting responses where many investigators lack the sincerity she displays in her investigating style. Connie has been involved in organized teams for years and is always very detail oriented.
Ashleigh Clark

Ashleigh Clark- Investigator/ Tech Department

Ashleigh is the daughter of Tim and Connie. Graduated from Dobyns-Bennett HS in 2005. Aim scholar and magna cum laude. Working on bs at ETSU in computer science - information technology. Ashleigh is an incredible asset to the team with her knowledge of computers and various programs. If someone ever writes the computer language that will enable us to talk to spirits while checking our facebook, it will be Ashleigh. As an investigator, she has a combination of her dadÕs technical knowledge and her momÕs compassionate interview style but combines it into a unique style all her own. Been actively ghost hunting since 2005. She maintains the website BeyondParanormal.com
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