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Featured Book from this week's podcast

Speaking to the Dead with Radios: Radio Sweep Electronic Voice Phenomena
Speaking to the Dead with Radios I will tell you is not this just another fish story to reel in readers for momentary mind entertainment. Communicating with the dead using a radio with recorder is achievable and any person can do it. You do not need to be a psychic, a medium or have any paranormal gifts to make contact with the dead using these devices, and that my friend is the luxury of this in that you do not have to pay someone else hundreds or even thousands of dollars to contact your deceased family members or friends as you can do it yourself in the privacy of your own home. CLICK TO READ MORE OR PURCHASE THIS BOOK




The Haunting of Graham Mansion DVD

The long anticipated Major Graham Mansion documentary is now available on DVD. Originally called "Cedar Run", the mansion and surrounding hills have long since been named for Major David Graham, Civil War hero and son of the family patriarch Squire David Graham. Legend has it that Confederate officers held secret meetings in an upstairs bedroom and J.E.B. Stuart was a frequent young visitor. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Our Paranormal Mobile App

The long awaited mobile app has been finalized and will be released to apple for approval when the new website is launched in a few weeks. We will have a handful of FREE promo codes to download the app for our loyal podcast listeners. To enter for a chance just leave a review on our iTunes podcast.


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